Ajith is Next CM of Tamilnadu, Jayalalitha Secret Decision


Jayalalitha Decided Hero Ajith Next Chief Minister : As Jayalalitha at present can’t assume responsibility of obligations as the central priest, numerous stubborn that Panir Selvam might be selected as vice president serve as he is the person who is exceptionally legitimate pastor for Jayalalitha. In any case, now it is heard that a couple days back itself Jayalalitha through her wills chose legend Ajith as her beneficiary for the post of Chief pastor.

It is likewise heard that Jayalalitha few days before she got hospitalized itself, had a meet with Ajith and said him in regards to the gathering arrangements and groups. As Ajith regards Jayalalithaa as her own mom, it is heard that Jayalalithaa chose him just as her beneficiary.

In spite of the fact that Panir Selvam is a senior priest in Anna DMK party, it is heard Jayalalithaa chose Ajith itself ideal for boss priest’s post as in coming decisions, there may be more rivalry and as a most grounded individual like Ajith just can win in that race.


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