MLA Roja Once again lose her patience in RACCHABANDA SHOW

Performing craftsman turned government official R K Roja has developed her own particular picture in films, authoritative issues and even on the little screen.

While she has been successfully securing the spoof reality show “Jabardast” on ETV, her latest reality show on Gemini – Rachabanda – is furthermore transforming into a hit.

In Jabardast, there is not a great deal for her to do besides getting a charge out of the comic show preparations and offering engravings to the performers as a judge.

Regardless, in Rachabanda, she has a careful part – of settling the inquiry amongst a couple or among the relatives, who go to the show to spill out their hardships.

Since the show resembles a couple of various shows being communicated by various channels, Roja needs to exhibit some refinement. That is the reason, she is going well beyond to show her acting aptitudes moreover.

In her latest scene, Roja expected to slap a man, who was manhandling his life partner. The individual hailing from Warangal clearly pronounced in the exhibit that he had an extramarital illegal association with a minor young woman, in the wake of fathering two adolescents with his first mate.

Exactly when Roja endeavored to interrogate him with her commanding request, he shot back at her aphorism he furthermore had the video of his sex with the minor young woman. “Why if you examine my own life?” he asked.


An invited Roja hopped on him and slapped him everywhere. In any case, interchange advocates staying there pacified her and pulled up the man. The scene is without further ado transforming into a web sensation on internet organizing destinations. In light of current circumstances, Roja needs to show that she is a substitute individual completely!

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